Welcome to the web site of RafterMarsh US and
RafterMarshUK, which is currently under construction.

RafterMarsh is a law firm that consists of two separate entities, RafterMarsh US and RafterMarsh UK, and specializes in music technology, pro audio, other forms of digital media and entertainment law. We take an innovative approach to client matters.

For further information, please see the following bios of our attorneys:
Heather D. Rafter
Principal, RafterMarsh US (licensed to practice law in California):
Terry Marsh
Principal, RafterMarsh UK (licensed to practice law in the UK and Wales):

Jessica Fajfar
Of Counsel, RafterMarsh US (licensed to practice law in California):
Your may also contact us directly by phone or email at:

RafterMarsh US:
001 650 804 9100
RafterMarsh UK:
011 44 787292 7518